Monday, January 19, 2004


NORML has this action alert up on its website, CBS Plans To Run Anti-Marijuana Ads During The Super Bowl, (again). I'm sure you remember these ridiculous ONDCP ads from last year's game. The same ads that recently resulted in indictments for defrauding the government being handed down against two of Ogilvy & Mather's executives in connection with overbilling for them. Yes, the same ads that cost the US taxpayers almost 2 billion dollars and were not only proven ineffective but may have actually increased drug use among their target audience.

This year NORML is encouraging CBS to reject these ads by persuading the network to abide by it's stated policy of not running ads on "controversial issues of public importance."

A reasonable request considering:

Recently, CBS cited this official policy to deny airing an advertisement sponsored by the advocacy organization, which criticized President Bush's $1 trillion deficit.

Unfortunately, it appears CBS only applies the policy to those issues it (read that the Bush administration) disagrees with.

...the network accepted a Super Bowl ad that discourages tobacco smoking and one from the American Legacy Foundation encouraging "lifestyle choices" for teenagers, in addition to the ONDCP anti-marijuana ads.

Let CBS know you are aware of this hypocrisy and you will not let it pass unremarked. NORML has a prewritten letter on the site that you can send in a few clicks. Just enter your zip code in the take action now box. Let the station know you are watching what they do but you will not be viewing their programming unless they apply their policy equally.


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