Friday, January 23, 2004


Thanks to Jules Siegel for unearthing this gem, Detective ruled too cute in drug bust. A Broward Circuit Court judge dismissed a criminal charge against a West Palm Beach man charged with selling drugs during an undercover sting at a gay nightclub in Fort Lauderdale, ruling Detective Mike Nahum is too good looking.

Judge Susan Lebow ruled the defendant, Julio Blanco, was lured by the police officer into committing a crime in hopes he would be rewarded with sex.

On Wednesday, an appeals court backed the trial judge's decision and ruled the police officer's actions were so "outrageous" that it was entrapment. Blanco had never been arrested before and was not under any suspicion of criminal activity until he was talked into it by law enforcement, the Fourth District Court of Appeal ruled.

Unfortunately, we won't be able to make our own judgment on the issue, since Nahum is not be photographed because he still is working undercover. We'll have to depend on the defense attorney's description.

Blanco's attorney, Kevin Kulik, spoke up to ensure the transcript would accurately reflect Nahum's macho, muscular appearance. "For the record, I would submit he was about 6' 2". He was in good shape, you know, a fit individual, young detective, looked to be maybe 30."

Nahum shouldn't feel too badly about it, he's probably the first detective in the US to have been declared attractive by a finding of the court.

You have to love it. I wonder how many attorneys will now be citing this case in entrapment defenses?


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