Tuesday, January 27, 2004


I have of couple of off topic items this afternoon that I found amusing. Today's Lawyers Weekly USA links to this piece on defendant Conrad J. Braun, 54, who was in court on Friday for a ruling on whether a blackmail case filed against him last summer should go to trial. Conrad apparently felt he was the wrongful victim of a sting operation and illustrated his point by appearing before the bench dressed in a bumble-bee costume. It gives new meaning to the phrase, "dress to impress." The judge was not amused.

And I've been musing about what it must have been like to attend this event. I'm posting this because I just found a video link to the Pope entertaining break-dancers at the Vatican.

The 83-year-old pontiff seemed to approve, waving his hand after each dancer completed a move, then applauding for the entire group. He watched the performance from a raised throne.

"For this creative hard work I bless you from my heart," he said.

I'm not Catholic but I still find this a little out of character for the solemn halls of the Holy See. Do you think the Catholic church is trying to entice their young parishioners back into the fold?


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