Saturday, January 24, 2004



I received a disturbing email today from Ben Masel. A relentless advocate for First Amendment rights and drug policy reform, he's been mixing it up on John Kerry's website forum. I don't consider it a good sign that super-moderator Sarah shut down a thread entitled, When Will War on Drugs End? She posts:

This forum exists for the purpose of communicating John Kerry's message with respect to electing him President.

This is NOT the place to rant about whether or not drugs should be legalized!

Thank you for understanding. If anyone continues to try to restart this topic, they will be placed on pre-mod status. This has gone on long enough!!

There were three active threads on the subject - all were locked down in conjunction with Sarah's threat. Perhaps someone should remind her that the word forum implies a venue to exchange opinions and the level of comment would indicate an interest in the issue among the voters.

I've said this before, don't discount the effect the anti-prohibition movement will have on this race. Whether the candidates like it or not, this issue will be 'bird-dogging' them all the way to Boston.


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