Tuesday, January 27, 2004


Everybody is talking about the primary results in New Hampshire - boring. Did anyone expect Kerry would lose? I'm finding the continuing thread on the War On Drugs at the Kerry Internet Town Meeting infinitely more interesting. It's reached 15 pages which I understand is longer than most topics in the forums and there's reports that tempers are heating up again.

Last time I was there, the admin posted the rules. I hear it's heating up again. Scrolling through, it appears the admins take their role very seriously, and are willing to exercise their power. I don't get what they're bitching about. To be fair, I posted in at page 11 and haven't been back since just before it hit 13 but I didn't see any major flaming.

The debate I've seen so far has been informative and reasonable although not necessarily pro-Kerry which I suspect forms the basis for the admin's touchiness. I saw a lot of new people joining in the debate when I scrolled through, so I think I'll sign off for the night and go see what they had to say. I encourage you to drop by yourself and tell the front-runner what you think.


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