Sunday, January 25, 2004


As promised, I have perused the Koufax award finalists and cast my ballot. The nominated bloggers I know here are all great, so if you're interested in what makes a blog good, check out the candidates. I'll be going back and checking some new ones myself later. The site's a little slow right now, I expect because a lot of the finalists have linked to it.

In any event, being new in the blogosphere myself, I only voted in the categories where I had read enough of the nominees' work to make a fair choice:

Best Blog - Talk Left

Best writing - Calpundit

Best Single Issue Blog - Talk Left

Best Group Blog - Daily Kos

Most Humorous Post - Nicotrol For Right Wing Blog Addicts by The Mighty Reason Man of Very Very Happy. I've just discovered this blog here recently. He's a little profane but I love his acerbic wit, and this particular post was hysterical. You may have to know the blogs he parodies to appreciate it though.

Most Deserving of Wider Recognition - Slacktivist. Another new blog I found at Wampum that I check regularly.

Best Expert Blog - Talk Left

Best Non-Liberal Blog - The Volokh Conspiracy

If you prefer to vote by email, Talk Left has the links.


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