Wednesday, January 28, 2004


CBS is clearly not going to air the Move-on or PETA ads, despite over 340,000 emails and phone calls in protest. You can see the banned ad by clicking on the graphic. Meanwhile the ONDCP will be airing theirs and this year they intend to make a link between drugs and alcohol. Drug War Rant has the link to those.

The prohibitionists don't want us to take anything that makes us feel good and have been widening their agenda to include drinking. I've noticed more spokesman for the alcohol lobby on the talking head programs, using the same drug policy reform arguments to defend responsible consumption of their product. Kind of ironic really.

I also received a link to this Associated Press survey this morning. They are soliciting public opinion on election coverage. This is your chance to tell the mainstream media what issues you want covered in the future. Maybe they'll even listen.

And for those of you who didn't have the time to wade through the Kerry Internet Town Meeting discussion on the War On Drugs, I pulled out a few choice posts to entice you into the fray:

One of the most logical anti-prohibition posts I've ever read.

Supermoderator Sandra does not like the lack of Kerry cheerleading.

David Guard, MPP makes sense.

CalGal4Kerry - supermoderator with an open mind?

Steve from Clearwater with an offer Kerry should not refuse.

The thread is still open and generating traffic. Take this rare opportunity to let the new Democratic front-runner know what you think.


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