Saturday, January 31, 2004


The news has been so heavy lately that it was great to find this uplifting piece about one man who fought the system and won. It's a true story that left me with the kind of good feeling you get at the end of an old Jimmy Stewart movie.

Most people think that they could never defeat United States Army. The Army possesses nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons and knows how to use them. They have Apache helicopters, Abrams tanks, and more depleted uranium rounds than you can shake a stick at! No one would believe that one man, not even one as strong as Arnold Schwarzenegger, could defeat the Army. Yet using my method, I was able to defeat the entire United States Army and gain my freedom – armed with nothing but my underpants. I have a certified letter from the US government to prove it!

It's worth the time to read the whole thing.

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