Tuesday, August 12, 2003


This is my current avatar on the GNN forums. Funny, the one thing I thought I cared the least about when I finally registered over there is what I've had the most fun with. I've changed it several times. I started with Alice in Wonderland, went through several old movie stars, Lauren Bacall, Bette Davis, Kathleen Turner, and Honey West.

My favorite was . My sig in those days was, Wish I really looked like Grace Kelly. I may go back to her some day. For now, I'm sticking with Marijuana Girl. She's a little too sexy for my style, but her name fits better.


The thread on astrology going on at the forum right now reminded me that I hadn't throw the tarot in a really long time. My little deck was burning my hand but the message was mixed. Four major arcana and an ace of swords reversed. It looks like for good or ill, I'm in for another roller coaster ride and I'm not going to get a new lover soon. My future card came up Wheel of Fortune. The wheel turns, as the wheel will. It's all good. I love the unexpected.



The new internet thing is the flash mob. I like it. Somebody has an idea for a 20 minute event, they spread the word on the internet and by cell phone and something happens. In Venezuela they saved Chavez that way. In NJ, The Weedman, Ed Forchion is putting togeter his own brand of flash action. Every Monday,you can join Ed in Newark to protest the trampling of our first amendment rights. If you live nearby, help Ed out. He deserves the support.


We need to stand up an be counted. This war is raging out of control. Jules Seigel sends this story of a thinly veiled assault on a casual consumer in a minority neighborhood. Think about it friends, when they're done in the ghetto, they'll be coming after us middle class consumers.

There's still too many uniformed souls out there that think in these terms. I'm sure Tracy Hanusiak is probably a decent person who is merely misinformed. We need to educate her and those of her ilk.


One ray of hope comes through the inbox this week from my sister. I haven't seen this story anywhere else. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy doesn't exactly come out and say the mandatory minimum sentences on drugs are the culprit, but what else could he be referring to? Murders and kidnapping? I think that's as overt a statement as a USC Justice is able to make in these times.


Sometimes it feels like it's all too much. Then again, No way out by through, as my granny used to say. Last word goes to Ethan Straffin who sent the most eloquent and inspiring rant in response to Dobbs irresponsible screed today. It's too long to post in it's entirely but here's my favorite part.

(As a wise man once wrote: "When the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.") In the end, fortunately, Pauline Sabin of the Women's Organization for National Prohibition Reform -- a woman who was as much ahead of her time as you appear to be behind yours -- came along and drove a stake through the heart of a terrible policy with her immortal words on the floor of Congress: "Women played a large part in the enactment of the
Eighteenth Amendment. They are now realizing with heart burning and heart aching that if the spirit is not within, legislation can be of no avail. They thought they could make prohibition as strong as the Constitution, but instead have made the Constitution as weak as prohibition."



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