Saturday, August 02, 2003


I'm a little bummed out tonight. I was writing a LTE to USA Today and I wanted to find a link in my archives. I discovered that everything I posted here before the changeover seems to be gone. Half the reason I started this blog was to have the archive and month's worth of posts have disappeared. I'm hoping it's recoverable but I'm bracing for the worst. It's not like I've never lost anything I cared about.

The lesson learned is don't trust technology; back up your work to disks. I really have to back up all my word files. This computer, like myself, is not getting any younger. It could crash one of these days and I could lose everything.


My inbox is so full of depressing stories that I had to stop reading my mail. I'm leaving the rest of the dark stuff for the light of day. The one ray of hope on this dismal day was news of a 4th Circuit win on First Amendment grounds for the organizers of Weedstock . The festival will be merging with Hempfest just over the border in Sault Ste. Marie, Canada, this year because of the illlegal obstacles inflicted by the county government in Wisconsin. One can only hope that in light of this decision, next year Weedstock can return home.

I'm tempted to go to the Hempfest, it's only $25 for admission and looks like quite a party, but I think my camping days are over. It's way out in the wilderness somewhere. Maybe I'm just getting old but I have too little opportunity to travel and I've come to love clean sheets and a hot shower in the morning when I do.



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