Monday, August 11, 2003


I sent a couple of LTEs today. One of things I love about the internet is that you can raise your voice anywhere in the world.

I sent this in response to Lou Dobbs dopey apology for the DEA agenda. I wonder if Lou has some financial interest in the prison-industrial industry? I hear he completely failed to mention his last poll where 91% of the respondents voted for the decriminalization of marijuana.

To the New York Daily News

Perhaps Lou Dobbs is hoping this boomer is too stoned to notice that he uses distorted statistics to justify a failed Drug War.

I’ve been ingesting marijuana responsibly for 37 years. It enhances my productivity, creativity and endurance. I neither abused nor neglected my daughter. I contribute to the good of my community. Mr. Dobbs would label me as a criminal for smoking this herb (much less dangerous than alcohol or tobacco) because my government arbitrarily decided to make it illegal. Now that’s dopey.


Fall River Herald published this cold hearted editorial by Diana West. Six months ago, I could not have imagined myself defending heroin addicts, yet I often find myself doing it now. I still don't think it's a good drug, but being a nicotine addict, who am I to judge another's choice of poison. You don't always choose your addictions, sometimes they choose you and it can be extraordinarily difficult to escape.

I sent this reply:

In response to Diana West’s editorial, [Addicts Deserve Better – 8/11/03], I have to ask what she thinks is better for them than a hygienic setting where the addicted can administer a drug they not only want, but need in order to stay alive?

I’m not a proponent of heroin use, but you cannot escape the reality that addicts exist. Leaving them to procure impure drugs in alleys, that they are then forced to shoot up by candlelight next to a dumpster, only contributes to the health care costs of the problem.

Switzerland has a government sponsored heroin distribution and safe site program. Within 7 years, injection related disease and overdoses dropped to nearly zero. Related property crime dropped 95%. Almost 40% of the patients kicked the drug and went on to be productive citizens.

Switzerland decided to treat their addicts humanely, like people with a problem, not unlike alcohol addicts. They are human beings who need help. There are many agencies for alcoholics, why not a safe place for other addicts? It sure sounds like harm reduction to me.


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