Friday, August 22, 2003


I stopped on my way home from work for my usual dose of human contact at the City tonight, and witnessed what will become a legendary Keno run in the history of lovely downtown Northampton. I know the guy and his wife and I've seen his kids. I never remember any of their names.

The legend will tell that he arrived at 4:00 and left in two hours with more money than he really had in his pocket, but he was definitely on the longest winning streak I've heard tell of, or witnessed, in the year I've been stopping by this place. It was fun to watch.


A literal city is about to assemble in the desert of Nevada; a mini-model the size of the town I currently live in, of a sensible New World Order based on personal responsibilty. I've always wanted to go to Burning Man, but the Spirit didn't move this year either and I'm afraid by the next, it may grow too large for my solitary soul.

It's been a long time since I camped out under the stars alone, much less than within a city of briefly assembled, beautiful strangers. Still, I can't deny a big tug of regret when the first reports came in from those who will be there and are on their way. I had this moment where I thought, I could rent a Ryder van and sleep in that...... No, not going to happen.


Here in the Baystate, the countdown to the 14th Annual Freedom Rally has begun. One month to go until the Boston gathering of concerned citizens against the criminalization of personal choice. If you're northeast of NYC, this the the rally to attend. Hope to see you there. I'm signing up tomorrow.


I haven't been following the California gubernatorial extravaganza myself, but Donezone at UNDUN checked in with a valuable insight on this somewhat crowded race. I didn't even know that George Shultz had come over to the Arnold camp and I have no idea where Arnie stands on the medical marijuana issue but I have to think that it's not a bad sign that George is on board.

DoneZone notes:

Now would be a great time for california harm reductionists to pin down George Shultz on drug-war policy - since he's being touted as a major advisor to Arnold.

George and I were neighbors for many years in Cummington. He's a good man with a reasonable view on this war. Hope he sticks to it.


I'm kind of blown away tonight because our humble blog appeared in this week's Drug Sense newsletter in the Hot off the Web section. If you want to stay apprised of the news that matters, and you're short on time, subscribe to this digest. They don't call it Media Awareness Project for nothin'.

And that's the last word.


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