Saturday, July 19, 2003


I seem to have a new admirer. He materialized yesterday evening while I was sitting on the stoop listening to the birds and enjoying a magnificent sunset, wanting to take me out for a drink at the local pub. He popped up again this morning at 11:35 to see if I wanted to have a Bloody Mary on the terrace bar downtown. I’m a little put off by a vague sense of being stalked but said yes to both invitations nonetheless. He’s rather intense but interesting, intelligent, articulate and the timing was right. Besides, I figure his interest in me will pass.

My life’s like that – all or nothing. Sometimes every guy I know or meet seems to think I’m sexually irresistible and then there are weeks when they don’t give me a second look. This week, even the resident male mockingbird has been flirting with me. I swear he’s been perching really close, opening his wings and showing me his tail, and this morning he did this incredible summersault off the electrical wire and practically landed at my feet. I think I must have weird pheromones.

Anyway, I met this new guy a few days ago when my friend Mark brought him over. If I had met him as a stranger in a bar, I would have probably moved to another stool. Don’t get me wrong he’s a cute as a puppy and wonderfully entertaining but he’s definitely a drunk and I’m pretty sure he is also certifiably crazy. He claims to be from a rich powerful family in Ulster County with connections all the way to DC. I guess he could be. He dresses well, drives a new vehicle, spends money pretty freely and has a really nice apartment. (Don't jump to conclusions - I saw his apartment when Mark and I drove him home).

He’s an incredible artist and writes remarkable poetry that he can recite by heart over a drink. He tells me he writes movies. He also claims to be a psychology professor who has invented a new treatment model for depression but produced an expired ID card to prove his tenure at the school. I don’t know friends, as I told him, the last thing I need in my life right now is another tortured genius. Still it’s been an interesting couple of outings.

It remains to be seen whether I’ve scared him off yet. Yesterday night I brought him with me to check in on Michael and Irma. He ended up storming out because I refused to stop what I was doing and go into another room to listen to an album. Today he walked off because I refused to go to another bar and insisted on having breakfast at the diner (as was my plan when he caught me at my door). Guess he figured he had already compromised enough by going to the farmer’s market with me. He was smiling this time though.

I have a feeling he’ll be back one more time before he gives up. You see, he often boasts of being chased by women and his sexual conquests. I suppose he thought to impress me and seemed surprised when I finally told him that there is way too much traffic through his bedroom for me to ever consider spending the night there. I don't think he believes me yet.

The quote of the day goes to Peter Falkey:

If you have the capacity, you have the responsibility to use it.



The Bush administration responded to the 80% of American citizens who think medical marijuana should be allowed as a remedy of personal choice by threatening to prosecute doctors who even say the word marijuana to their patients and appointing another Prohibition pit-bull to head the DEA. Karen Tandy, who is committed to subrogating the public’s will by continuing to arrest terminally ill patients, who are legally ingesting a remedy under their state law and simply looking for relief while facing down their impending deaths. It’s not only an illogical policy, it’s inhumane. Not to mention the chilling effects of the gag order on the doctor's first amendment rights. Where was the main-stream press on this appointment anyway? For that matter where was my elected representative?

On a brighter note, our legislators have finally found their cahonnes and brought drug policy reform into the public debate. Even Senator Joe Biden, author of the ill-conceived RAVE Act, called on the DEA to explain their misue of the legislation. Senator Biden, if you happen to be reading this, thanks for speaking up. It restores a little of my faith in the human race. Think I will send him a thank you note. It would sort of balance off all the scolding phone calls I made when he was sleazing this Act through.

Foreign Policy published an article by Ethan Nadelman on the failure of of US drug policies and it's consequences to Latin America. Ethan in his usual no-nonsense style nails the issue once again and suggests practicable solutions. I wish Bush had nominated him to head the DEA.

Finally, a story that deserves to be more widely disseminated is now available on line. If you have about 40 minutes to spare, you can view Ed WEEDMAN Forchion’s video .



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