Friday, July 18, 2003


I held out for many years before I bought a computer but I have come to love the internet. I've always been concerned by the threat to privacy that internet communication presents, nothing makes you easier to track than an electronic trail however there is no easier way to communicate over wide geography either. It's a trade off and this week it feels like a pretty good trade.

If not for the buzz created in the uberworld CatiaTV would have died an untimely death. This story was not reported in the US press at all. Why would it be? This administration virtually owns the mainstream press here and they support the coup-mongers of the Chavez opposition. Thanks to an international outcry however, it looks like Pena and the oligarchy will not be able to squelch the voice of the Venezuelan people so tidily.

According to this story posted yesterday on, the alternate press in Venezuela has come forward in solidarity and with the eyes of the rest of the world on him, Pena is now forced to explain this outrageous attempt to silence the Chavistas.

Coverage of this incident is now being picked up in the US by our own alternate press. Andrew Stelzer, another one of out compatriots from the Narconews School of Authentic Journalism, reports that Free Speech radio is broadcasting on government hearings in the matter:

Hearings on the Closure of a Venezuelan Community Television Station

The mayor of Caracas, Venezuela is being asked to attend hearings this week by the Venezuelan legislature. Last Thursday, Mayor Alfred Pe?a closed one of the country’s largest community Television stations, “Catia TV.” Workers
at Catia, TV say the mayor of Caracas targeted the public station because it was instrumental in reporting the events that led to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s reinstatement during last year’s coup attempt. Pena has publicly admitted his opposition to Chavez - supporters assert Catia TV provided a balance to the private opposition media they say organized a media blackout during the coup. Carol Delgado and Greg Wilpert bring you more from Caracas, Venezuela.

In the USA, Free Speech radio may be on your local station, to find out, go to this link.

It's not too late to email the coup-supporter and censor against press freedom, Mayor Alfredo Pena at this email address: . Thanks to everyone for supporting Blanca and protecting freedom of the press.



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